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We are the experts of this region, our priority is not
only to provide services, but also to preserve the region.
We will be your guide and companion
throughout your journey.
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Superyacht Pacific, Agency

Beyond three shipping agencies, in Galapagos, Panama and Costa Rica, we are a single entity focused in all kinds of services, ranging from agency, support, logistics, tourism to general assistance of all types of ships, with high quality standards, and personalized treatment. Our knowledge through the years in each of our homes allows us to provide an exclusive experience to all those who come to these destinations.

If your journey starts in Europe,
we are located in STP shipyard
in Palma de Mallorca, with Project 3Sixty
Muelle Viejo, Nave STP Local 2A
07012 Palma de Mallorca
Baleares - Spain

some facts about what we do

Love it. Save it. Dive it.

Superyacht Pacific, in an unique and special destination of the Eastern Tropical Pacific , an exceptional marine corridor of this side of America. We understand what the boats need, what the navigator expects from this site and how he wants to be treated. We always look for vivential opportunities to conserve the unique species that inhabit these seas, making your experience unforgettable.


Whether you seek to dive in Cocos Island or visit the beautiful Costa Rica beaches; live a magical itinerary Galapagos protected areas, arriving with your yacht in ideal conditions, according to local regulations; staying among its populated ports with one of the largest biodiversity on the planet.

Cross the Panama Canal with safety and precision, visit the Coiba Island, Pearl Islands, The Panama Archipelago; stock up on high quality supplies; take fuel on the way to Polynesias in Baltra terminal. We are the experts of this region, our priority is not only to provide services, but also to preserve the region. We will be your guide and companion throughout your journey.

our team

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64. Aurora
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66. Axiom
67. Ayama
68. Barracuda Valetta
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71. Bonaire
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141. Raya
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144. Sapphire
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171. and many… many more!

Atlantic Rally Cruising (ARC): 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014,2016,2017
Blue Water Rally (BWR ): 1999-2001- 2003-2005- 2007
Oyster Rallies: 2013, 2017
Jimmy Cornell Rally: 2016
Clipper Ventures Rally: 2000
Pacific Voyager: 2011 (“vakas’ from South Pacific)
Among served in all these rallies, about: 500 sailboats


This April and May 2018, we had long planned a stop in the Galapagos. We arrived in April and left in the middle of May. We had a guest trip through the islands, with some crew time and it was an excellent experience for all. I appointed Ricardo Arenas of Superyacht Galapagos as our Agent in these waters. The Galapagos is particularly tricky with the paperwork and the logistics. Having used Ricardo since 1990, in 1998 on liberty, in 2004 on Andromeda in the Islands, it was an easy choice to make. his service was exceptional.
David HutchisonCaptain of 51m to 60m Rosehearty

I want to testify that I have known Ricardo Arenas, Superyacht Galapagos (Sail n' Galapagos) for more than fifteen years, and has assisted me in the organization of the visits. He has always demonstrated professional ability, seriousness and being the most reliable agency in Galapagos. If in the future I had to go to the Galapagos Islands again, without a doubt I will use the professional agency services of Superyacht Galapagos, since it is the only way I have the certainty and security that everything will be a success.

David BeharrellCaptain of 60m+ M/Y Lonian

It was a pleasure to deal with you again so many years after my first visit with M/Y Aviva in 2000, and especially nice to find the services you provide enhanced if anything. Our visit was, I think, very short in comparison with most yacht visits, but nevertheless, you managed to ensure our clearances, delivery of provisions, a full and engaging guest itinerary were all handled and prepared with great detail, and you ensured a fantastic experience for the owners and their guests, not to mention the crew.

I hope to see you there again in the future with a new command.

E. CooneyCaptain of 60M + Grace E